SkippoBag Skip Bag Frequently Asked Questions

Skip Bag Collection Area

Skippobags are available in 2 sizes
Skippo “Large” 105cm x 105cm 120cm (H) (max 1.25 tonnes) Equivalent in capacity to a Mini Skip the bags are suitable for light builders waste, household and garden clearance jobs.
Skippo “XL” – 180cmx180cmx105cm (H) (max 2.0 tonnes) Ideal for removal of larger items such as bathroom and bedroom fittings, light builders waste and garden waste. No rubble or soil to be placed in bag.

Skippobags are suitable for light builders waste and waste from household or garden clearance jobs. Heavy materials such as soil, stone or rubble should be kept to a minimum as bags which are too heavy cannot be lifted onto our trucks.
Skippobags are no to be used for the disposal of items including electrical items, toxic substances, sharps, hazardous materials etc. Examples of items which should not be disposed of in a skippobag include fridges, freezers, tyres, batteries, pesticides, asbestos, gasbottles etc. If you are unsure about any material you might wish to place in a skippobag please contact us for advice.

Careful consideration of where you place your Skippobag is vital to ensure that your bag can be collected safely by our drivers.
Our Skippobag trucks use a Hydraulic Lifting crane which has a maximum reach of 4 metres. Please ensure that your bag is within 4 metres of a public road or private drive. Roads/driveways must be at least 3 metres wide for Skippotruck access.
Ensure that there are no potential obstructions nearby such as overhead wires, parked vehicles, trees etc. Seek permission from your local authority before placing your Skippbag along a main road, byway or foothpath.
It is strongly advised not to attempt to move the bag once you have begun filling it as you may risk damaging the bag or injuring yourself or others.

Skippobags are not resusable. The Skippobag will be loaded onto our truck on collection.

You do not need to be present while your bag is being collected if you have paid for your collection in advance. Payments for collection can be made on-line or over the phone by Credit Card/Debit Card. Bags will not be picked up until payment is received.

Skippobags can be purchased locally from selected Stockists or ordered online at Buy Now. Bags ordered online will normally be delivered by courier within 2 working days.

When your Skippobag is ready to be picked up you can book your collection online at or call us on 021-422 0044 or 025-31055