Skip BAg Cork
Skippobag Cork

Skip Bag Benefits

No trips to the Civic Amenity Site/ Dump

No Waiting on Skip Delivery

Flexible - Ready when you are

Flat Packed for easy storage

Skip Bag

Full instructions and terms are listed on the label attached to the SKIPPOBAG.

Collection is available from Ireland specified. Please ring for details.

This bag can be collected by Waste Recovery Services ONLY.
Waste Recovery Services, Cullenagh, Fermoy, Co.Cork. Skip Hire Cork

Skip Bag Enquiries Tel: Cork 021 4220044   Tel: Fermoy 025 31055

Ref No: W0107-1, Waste Collection Permit CK. WMC. 92/01, WCP. KK. 093/ (A) 06, WCP/LK/230/05B

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