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What is SKIPPOBAG or Skip Bag

The Skip bag is a new cost-effective and hassle free alternative to the traditional skip. The Skip bag makes the collection and disposal of junk easier than before. SKIPPOBAG can be purchased locally in most shops and DIY stores, please call Cork (021) 4220044 or Fermoy (025) 31055 to get your SKIPPOBAG.

The Skip BAg comes flat packed in an easy to transport carrier bag, which contains instructions on how to fill your SKIPPOBAG.

The Skip bag can be collected by Waste Recovery Services ONLY.
Waste Recovery Services, Cullenagh, Fermoy, Co.Cork. Skip Hire Cork
Skips Cork

Skip Bag Enquiries Tel: Cork 021 4220044   Tel: Fermoy 025 31055

Ref No: W0107-1, Waste Collection Permit CK. WMC. 92/01, WCP. KK. 093/ (A) 06, WCP/LK/230/05B

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